Notice of Award Received

Notice of Award received on a new NIH R21 award entitled: Imaging Genetics study of twins who stutter. This study seeks to investigate the extent of genetic versus environmental influences on brain differences found in children who stutter. Congratulations to Dr. Chang and the research team!

SNL presents over 10 presentations at ASHA convention

SNL presented more than 10 presentations at this year's ASHA (American Speech Language Hearing Association) Convention held in Philadelphia, PA.  Some abstract titles below!

Chang, S-E (Invited Seminar). The role of genetics and neurobiology in the development of stuttering. 

Garnett, E.O., Chow, H., & Chang, S-E. Differences in neuroanatomical development trajectories in children who do and do not stutter. 

Ayres, K., Dilley, L., Wieland, E., Morrill, T., Arjmandi, M., Chang, S-E.  Rhythm perception and temporal expectation in people who do and do not stutter. 

Wieland, E., McAuley, D., Chow, H., Zhu, D., Chang, S-E.  Rhythm perception and functional connectivity differences in adults who stutter.  *ASHA Student Research Award

Daliri, A., Wieland, E., Cai, S., Guenther, F., Chang, S-E. Auditory-motor adaptation is reduced in adults who stutter but not in children who stutter. 

Choo, A., Johnson, C., Jones, K., Macker, N., Chang, S-E.  Very mild stuttering versus disfluent non-stuttering children: Diagnostic utility of the weighted stuttering-like disfluencies measure.

Chow, H., Choo, A., Garnett, E.O., & Chang, S-E. Brain morphology differences distinguish children with persistent stuttering from those who recovered. 

Johnson, C., Chow, H., Garnett, E.O., & Chang, S-E.  Can linguistic development trajectories differentiate between children who do and do not recover from stuttering? 

Choo, A., Garnett, E. O., Chow, H., Chang, S-E. (2016). Modulating neural activity with non-invasive brain stimulation in adults who stutter. 

SNL hosts viewing of "The Way We Talk"

SNL hosted the viewing of "The Way We Talk", a documentary on stuttering, at the Studio C theater in East Lansing, MI. Dr. Chang answered questions from the audience on a range of topics on stuttering following the viewing. Jeff Fett, stuttering support group leader in the Lansing chapter, and many of the MSU CSD faculty and students, and area clinicians attended.

Dr. Chow receives Notice of Award for NIH R21

Dr. Chow, Research Investigator of SNL, received a Notice of award from the NIH on his new R21 grant, Neural markers of persistence and recovery from childhood stuttering: An fMRI study of continuous speech production. Congratulations to Dr. Chow and the lab for receiving funding for this exciting new study!