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When I Stutter Movie Screening

Eastern Michigan University National Student Speech Language Hearing Association Chapter and the Department of Special Education presents the documentary WHEN I STUTTER, directed by John Gomez at Ann Arbor's Michigan Theater

The documentary shares the stories of how stuttering has impacted the lives of 19 individuals and illustrates some of the mysteries surrounding stuttering.

Screenings occur at 4 and 7 pm and each screening is followed by a Q&A with John Gomez (Director) and Scott Palasik (featured in the film)

Ticket Information: http://www.michtheater.org/show/when-i-stutter/

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6:30 PM18:30

The Way We Talk film screening

  • Celebration! Cinema Studio C! Meridian Mall (map)
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Join the Speech Neurophysiology Lab for a screening of The Way We Talk, with lab members present before and after the screening for discussion. The film will start at 6:30 - discussion times TBA. 

IMPORTANT! In order to bring this film to Lansing, we need to sell 60 tickets ($9.00 each) before October 28th. Click here to purchase tickets.

This 80 minute film is a personal documentary intimately centered around a support group for people who stutter on their journey toward self-acceptance. As Michael confronts his own stuttering, he reflects on how the way he talks has shaped his identity and his family story.

Michael Turner struggles with one of medical science’s most baffling and enduring disabilities—he stutters. On the surface, stuttering is syllable repetitions, prolongations, blocks, and various physical tics. But as he illustrates in THE WAY WE TALK, stuttering is like an iceberg, with the major symptoms below the surface. Emotions caused by the disorder— anxiety, depression, denial, and a negative self-image—are rarely confronted in speech therapy or even by people who stutter. Turner explores his own experiences with stuttering and presents the stories of others who are part of the self-help movement within the stuttering community—stories that are relatable to anyone who has experienced feelings of separateness, isolation, or inadequacy in any area their life, and are trying to make the most of who they are.

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